Liz Frencham

A girl and a double bass.

A girl and a double bass.

Make My Day

We’ve been talking all night
& it’s nearly daylight
I think it’s getting quite clear
Why we’re still sitting here
But I’m feeling so shy
Free-falling into your eyes
I’m laughing much too loud
Let’s get away from this crowd
I’m reading you now like a brand new book
Can’t get enough of you, I wanna closer look

Hey boy brown eyes
What do you say?
Wanna kiss me?
Go ahead & make my day

Wound up like a spring
Tight as a guitar string
Move those lips closer please
Why must you be such a tease
You’ve cast your line & I’m hooked by the chin
Have mercy now & throw me back or reel me in

Stop sitting there like some ol’ statue
by Michelangelo
I’ve been trying all night just to catch you
How much longer ‘til you let me know?

Moving to a quieter place
My fingers finding your face
Not much more can I stand
Just holding your hand
I’m circling you now like a moth to a flame
But I’m burning up
I am tired of this game
Wanna get a reaction but I don’t know how
I know what I want & I want it right now

Hey brown eyes
What do you say?
Wanna kiss me?
What are you waiting for?
Hey boy brown eyes
Must I suffer this way?
Now you better kiss me?
No hesitating now
Hey boy brown eyes
If you want me to stay

Kiss me & make my day!


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