Liz Frencham

A girl and a double bass.

A girl and a double bass.

Lucky To Be Your Friend


I wrote this verse for you my friend
A rock beneath my feet
A well spent hour, a rare wildflower
A voice both true and sweet
A happy sun arose my friend
The day I first met you
And every dawn that brings you close
Awakes this joy anew

More than pleasure
A gift I treasure
Beyond all measure
Iā€™m lucky to be you friend

And though the times we share my friend
may seem so far between
I know that there will always be
A tune and words to sing

I miss the songs you breathe my friend
Stories flowing free
Just like a steaming cup of tea
The warmth you bring to me
I wish you could see through my eyes
How lovely is the view
Sittin in this kitchen chair, and looking back at you


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